澳洲CV代寫:求職信與簡歷Cover Letter

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  • 澳洲CV代寫:求職信與簡歷Cover Letter


    Job Description
    Cover Letter
    China Decision Makers Consultancy Limited- CDMC is China’s biggest B2B event company and one of the world’s main business information providers in China. It is committed to delivering accurate and useful information, knowledge, skills and market trends through high-quality summits, conference and forums to worldwide business decision makers. CDMC has constantly been able to attract the top-level speakers, large number of attendees as well as top-level sponsors. CDMC’s events are considered the most efficient  way to acquire the information to enter Chinese market. CDMC is passionate about helping its people to achieve their potential through its career development framework which provide the employees with the right challenging and rewarding experience, learning and ongoing coaching they need, and when its people achieve their best, it can thus help its clients achieve their best too. CDMC is well aware that it is the talented and motivated people that make CDMC a great place to work and it is also the company’s people that help the company deliver on its promises to clients. And for the sake of the company’s value realization and the profits of the employees, CDMC is committed to attracting them, nurturing them, and helping them be the best they can.(CDMC, 2012)

    Position information
    Conference Sales Executive
    Position Summary:
    Conference sales executive is responsible for selling our high quality summits and conference in the form of telesales to managers of companies. investigate and identify, sell and negotiate with potential clients, representatives and service providers. Match client’s specific needs and requirements with our products and services. All in all, a successful conference sales executive is able to persuade the relevant management staff in the industry into thinking that they just cannot afford to miss this valuable event. Consequently, an ideal candidate will need to be professional and persuasive above all, and any telesales experience would be within our first consideration. Besides that, the team you will be working with is highly efficient and successful, so you will need to be able to match the motivation and ambition and benefits of the current staff. And in CDMC, this is always the case that a competitive nature would always be rewarded, but a good team spirit is vital for your leadership and for the company’s development. This particular role requires a fluent English speaker and writer, and a extra language would be of even more benefit.
    -Become familiar with the event and conference you will be marketing.
    -Do company and market research to ensure that you can effectively tell the event information.
    -Contact individuals on specified research lists that will be provided by us.
    -Provide an efficient and elegant message to prospects, provide them the event details when requested.
    -Register event delegates and sponsors.
    -Minimum 0-2 years of work experience in sales, and experience of telesales is in favor.
    -Be familiar with Telesales or Telemarketing and have the relative capacity.
    -Be excellent at verbal and written English communication skills.
    -Positive attitude with a competitive and challenging nature.
    -High motivated and self assured.
    -Strong work ethic.
    -Collaborative team player. 
    澳洲CV代寫:求職信與簡歷Cover Letter