Marketing 代寫:市場營銷作為一種社會管理過程

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  • 市場營銷作為一種社會管理過程,旨在幫助消費者購買某種產品或服務,以滿足雙方的需求和利益。營銷職能的管理首先要對公司的情況進行全面的分析,包括未滿足的需求和需求,然后衡量需求的數量,確定目標市場和提供的適當產品或服務。營銷哲學是企業在經營、組織和其他營銷活動中做出重要決策的指導原則。此外,它代表了一種營銷理念和一種態度或思維策略,并通過營銷過程加以改進。

    Marketing 代寫:市場營銷作為一種社會管理過程

    Marketing, as a process of social management, is designed to help the consumers to purchase certain products or services with the aim to meet the needs and interests of both sides. The management of marketing function begins with the complete analysis on the situation of the company, including the unsatisfied needs and wants, and then measures the amount of needs and decides the target market and appropriate product or services provided. Marketing philosophy is defined as the guiding principles for the enterprises to make critical decisions on operation, organization and other marketing activities. Moreover, it represents a philosophy of marketing and an attitude or thinking strategies, which is improved through the marketing process.
    Managers are strictly required to monitor and evaluate the several facts: Are we efficiently converting inputs into outputs; is product quality improving; are employees responsive to customers. Then it comes to the tools of controlling in the organization, which means formal target setting, monitoring, and evaluation and feedback systems to provide managers with information to determine if the strategy and structure taken are working effectively and efficiently. A good controlling should feature with accuracy, timeliness, economy, flexibility and understandability. The concept of controlling actually contains feed forward controlling, concurrent controlling and feedback controlling. The process of controlling includes the establishment of standards, measurement of the actual performance, comparison and contrast of actual performance and evaluation of the results and actions taken correctively. 
    This paper has made discussion on the several aspects of marketing. The core concept which goes through all the parts of the discussion can be concluded as the following rules: The value of the product will bring the satisfaction from the customers, and then they will have the loyalty towards such brand. This process is the source of profitability.

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