Business 代寫:聯想成為國際化公司的基本條件

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  • 本文旨在通過公共關系十點規劃模型來分析聯想走向國際化的公關活動這項運動的目的是建立品牌的聲譽從地方到國際水平在對聯想進行描述之后,筆者將展示聯想的戰略大綱,即三步戰略它包括更換標志、成為奧運會的頂尖人物以及收購IBM全球PC業務整個公關活動的每一大步都蘊含著強大的新聞價值和傳播價值,從而獲得了良好的傳播效果在此基礎上,提出了三步走的策略,包括媒體宣傳、活動策劃、政府公關等各個階段的具體策略為了實現不同的目標,設計和實施了不同的策略然后對活動進行評價,為了保證主要信息的準確性,控制可能出現的負面信息,聯想在每一個策略之后都會進行評價最后,這場系統的公關活動達到了目的。

    Business 代寫:聯想成為國際化公司的基本條件

    This essay aims to analyze the Lenovo’s public relations campaign on its way to internationalization through the public relations Ten Point Plan model. The objective of this campaign was to establish reputation of the brand from local to the international level. After giving the description of Lenovo, the author will demonstrate Lenovo’s outline tactics, which was called three-step tactics. It included changing the logo, being a TOP of Olympic Games and purchasing IBM global PC business. Every big step of the whole public relation campaign was embedded with strong news value and spreading value, so as to gain excellent communication effects. Following this, the three-step tactics was constituted with many specific strategies in each phase, such as media publicity, event Planning and governmental public relations. Different strategies are designed and delivered for realize different objectives. And, then, the evaluations of the campaign will be given.In order to guarantee the accuracy of the main messages and control the possible negative information, Lenovo did evaluations after each strategy. Finally, this systematic public relations campaign achieved its goal.
    To conclude, the basic condition of Lenovo to become an international company owns a global brand. Lenovo grew from the Chinese brand to the international brand successfully. It was the outcome of an efficient dissemination by a series of hot events and well-designed processes. In these processes, the brand tactic and communication activities closely matched with the company's business strategy. The three-step tactic make progress phased and purposefully. Specific tactics, including propagating the connotation of new logo "Lenovo" and propagating signing ceremony with Olympic, etc. were put into effective practice. All these specific strategies were designed and delivered for certain purposes. As the public can see from Lenovo’s statistical data, the outcome of the campaign was measured precisely. People’s image of the brand changed from local to international who can be reflected in the exposure rate, the understanding degree and the approving degree. Internationalization of the brand is the enterprise passport to the international market; finally, Lenovo got it successfully. 

    <标题> Business 代寫:聯想成為國際化公司的基本條件