Copywriter’s Every Day Carry

There is a great site Every Day Carry where people upload and show the things that they carry on their person (and maybe a small pack) every single day.

They also supply information about their occupation, and sometimes that drives the sorts of things they carry.

The neat thing about the site is it also links to Amazon so that you can buy the item if you so desire.

I haven’t yet posted on that Every Day Carry site, but here’s an attempt to do kinda the same thing here.

Here's a picture of my copywriting every day carry
Here’s a picture of my copywriting every day carry

Some of the things that I carry as a copywriter:

* Yellow legal pad – nothing beats getting the pad out to write a paragraph for a white paper, a headline for a brochure or advertisement, or a bulleted list of selling points for a sales letter

* Pen – I carry a variety of pens, including a Parker fountain pen that I sometimes use for personal letters.  My favorite pen is the Pilot Precise V5, extra fine, an excellent pen

* Small notebook – I carry a small journal notebook, the Mead Memo 6 inches by 4 inches size with 40 pages.  In this notebook, I keep a list of tasks in the front, and then I keep notes from phone calls and meetings starting in the back.  So, as I work through this notebook, I will finally meet in the middle and then move on to a fresh notebook!

If you would like me to put these items to work for you, providing copywriting services in any of my specialties, contact me here.